6 Other Actors for Dr. Strange

Viggo Mortenson was recently rumored to be in a cameo as Dr. Strange in the newest Thor movie. Sadly, Viggo will not be filling the role, but that does not mean that Dr. Strange is completely out of the movie. They may still be planning on introducing him in one of their big name movies in order to set up a solo flick sometime in the future. For those who don’t know, Dr. Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon who lost his hand dexterity in a car accident. After being forced out of his profession, he went searching for a cure. He exhausts all his options in the physical world and goes looking for one in the magical world. This leads him to mentoring with a powerful mage, The Ancient One, who inspires Strange to use the mystic arts for heroic deeds.


Daniel Day Lewis

I know. I know. Never in a million years would an actor as good as Daniel Day Lewis who has no problem cobbling shoes if there was nothing interesting being made into a movie would go for a summer fun superhero flick. But a fanboy can dream.


David Duchovny

On “The X-Files,” Duchovny did quite a bit of techno-babble about the most fringe of the scientific community, and the most important part is he did so while still seeming charming in a deadpan, ironic way. He had a very subtle sense of humor that never made him seem any less serious or intense when talking about all those crazy conspiracies. As Strange, he would probably be talking about the silliest, stupidest sounding magic and supernatural elements.


John Cusack

I like John Cusack. It sucks that his film career isn’t exactly what it used to be, but I really want to see him succeed. He may have lost a step or two in the aging process, but he still kicked a little ass in War, Inc. Strange was never a hand-ons action hero anyway. He usually casts spells behind the frontline aiding his superhero compatriots. Strange is also usually depicted as an older gent, so Cusack almost being 50 wouldn’t be the big of a damper. In fact, it would be kind of cool to see another one of the heroes be Robert Downey Jr’s peers instead of him being the token old guy. Cusack even has that smarmy charming personality that he puts in varying sizes in each of his roles just like Downey, so maybe its kismet.


Johnny Depp

I was so skeptical about putting Depp here. There are places on the internet where Johnny Depp has been suggested for EVERY SINGLE SUPERHERO. It’s not without good reason. Depp is truly a fantastic actor. Strange isn’t necesarily the off-beat characters Depp usually plays, but he lives in an off-beat world. It would be kind of cool to see Depp just play a regular guy. I would consider a naturalist performance being more challenging than the eccentrics, and Depp is pretty great at it. Check out Nick of Time for proof.


Paddy Considine

Paddy is a really great actor. You may recognize him as one of the Andys from Hot Fuzz. Despite playing a pretty big goof, he has incredible range playing being right at home in either a thriller or comedy or drama. One of his most recent roles in Blitz ended up being kind of a bust, but it would still be nice seeing someone of his acting caliber in a high profile project (Even if Strange is a B-lister, anything with the Marvel logo is going to be high profile at least for a while).


Joseph Fiennes

When I look at Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love, I truly think I am looking at Dr. Strange. The old fashioned clothes and color scheme is like the perfect “fit for live action” adaptation of Dr. Strange’s costume which otherwise has a big flamboyant collar and cape, and his facial features make him a pretty dead ringer. He’s 42 so he can still capture the seasoned aspect of Dr. Strange and be peer with Downey Jr. He has also excelled at dramatic roles as well as action ones. The TV show “Flash Forward” might have been short lived, but when he was running around with a gun, he looked pretty tough. He also brought some dramatic legitimacy to that show so he wasn’t just some stereotypical one-liner machine. He even played a great magician before. He appeared as Merlin on “Camelot.”