Avengers Month: Casting the Rest of the Team

Call me crazy but I have the belief that this upcoming movie The Avengers will be a huge success. And because the only thing Hollywood likes besides successful superhero movies is more successful superhero movies chances are a sequel will surely follow. An Avengers 2 will surely bring some new additions to the roster and those roles will need to be filled by actors talented enough to prove they belong in the same ensemble as; Robert Downey Jr. Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johanson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and the rest. So here are a few ideas about who could assemble with the team.

Giant Man & Wasp: Like Hawkeye, these to characters have become synonymous with the team and many are amazed they are not in the movie (that we know of) so naturally these two have a sure shot at making it to the sequel. Being both a brilliant scientist and an everyman with self esteem issues is no easy feat and Lee Pace of the much loved and missed series Pushing Daisies can handle both those aspects of the personality perfectly. In the also beloved and missed series Firefly, Morena Baccarin showed she had a taste for the finer sense with a sense of entitlement but still coming off as likable.

Black Panther: Naturally as the team expands and recruits the King of Wakanda is bound to join. With the action chops and ability to portray tough no nonsense characters like John Luther, Idris Elba was born to play this role. He’s got the action experience and the piercing gaze that is needed to act through the face covering mask.

Ms Marvel: An Avenger who has a steady and growing fanbase and could conceivably become the Wonder Woman of the Marvel Universe. She is a duty bound heroine with a high moral standard who is willing to do anything to accomplish her task but is not without her vulnerabilities. Yvonne Strahovski nailed that character in the show Chuck so I see no reason to look further.

Luke Cage: The tough as nails hero who worked his way up the super hero ladder from a blue collar guy performing heroics for a payday to being a full fledged Avenger. In a sequel he could easily be the stand in for the audience who would find him more relatable than a super soldier or a Norse god. With his chiseled physique, comedic chops, and vibe of bad assness Lance Gross should go ahead and slap on the infamous yellow blouse.