Top 10 Replacements for David Slade as Daredevil Director

10. Neil Jordan

Past Work: The Crying Game, Interview with a Vampire, The Brave One, Ondine, and the upcoming Byzantium

In almost all of his work no matter what genre he is dabbling in, he brings with him a gothic sense of noir and always take the time to look at the darker and criminal elements of humanity. Although, he has yet to dabble in action, The Good Thief and The Brave One had its fair share of violence and slickness. He has also been capable of capturing true human sincerity.

9. Andrew Dominik

Past Work: Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and the upcoming Killing Them Softly

He is easily one of the most exciting directors working today. He respects the possibility of nobility and honor among criminal types. He also usually has a political/philosophical motivation. Hopefully, he doesn’t think the material is above him.

8. Brad Andersom

Past Work: Session 9, The Machinist, and a few episodes of Fringe

Anderson has had a career marked by delving into human madness forcing characters into situations that they could easily lose themselves in, and his visual style that strengthens this tone.

Morten Tyldum Headhunters

7. Morten Tyldum

Past Work: Headhunters

Tyldum is making waves with his Norwegian thriller, Headhunters. It is currently sitting at 92% fresh at with 85 reviews counted. They all seem to agree that it is a fantastic mix of gore, grit, and Coen brothers style quirky crime. His outlandish visual style would work well with the comic source material with a whole heaping tons of thrill and excitement.

Chan-wook Park Oldboy

6. Chan-wook Park

Past Work: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, and Thirst

After Park made some serious hype surrounding his Korean films, everyone awaited his English-language Hollywood debut. I remember hearing about some of the possibilities and being mostly uninterested in them. If they were to pick him for Daredevil, which would be a big chance for the studio, he might be able to do something truly original. He might be too violent for a project that will ultimately be a PG-13 adventure, but his visual style could be the happy medium between Nolan’s Bat-franchise and Frank Miller’s The Spirit.

Wayne Kramer The Cooler

5. Wayne Kramer

Past Work: The Cooler and Running Scared

The Cooler and Running Scared  are on two separate wavelengths. The Cooler is a brutally honest tale of a life long loser making good with some truly great portrayals of relationships characterized by intimacy and loyalty. Running Scared is an adrenaline fueled twisted fairy tale that plays on the notion of good, evil, and that giant gray area in the middle.

Jose Padilha elite squad

4. Jose Padilha

Past Work: Elite Squad, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, and the greenlit Robocop remake.

Padilha is one of those text book examples of a indie action director who captures Hollywood’s eye and is then thrown projects, like Robocop. His Elite Squad movies are tense and thrilling with plenty of action. He also captures a hometown loyalty that has always been important to Daredevil, although it might become complicated since I think Hell’s Kitchen is no longer the Irish-dominated neighborhood it once was.

Joe Cornish Attack the Block

3.  Joe Cornish

Past Works: Attack the Block

Attack the Block is the king of indie action/sci-fi I wish Hollywood would take notice too. It is able to have a sense of humor and a sense of danger. It was already like a comic book come to life, all if was missing was the gaudy costumes and masks.

Daniel Espinosa Safe House

2. Daniel Espinosa

Past Works: Easy Money and Safe House

His first big time work is Easy Money, but I still haven’t seen it. It is getting released near me next month. The reviewers seem to agree that is a fast paced gangster flick. Safe House on the other hand I have seen. It was a much more entertaining thriller than I thought it would be. The fighting was down and dirty. It didn’t feel over-choreographed yet very spontaneous.

Pierre Morel District B13 Taken

1. Pierre Morel

Past Works: District B13, Taken, and, From Paris with Love

Taken has the intensity, and From Paris with Love  has the high-octane action (if anything). District B13 though is an awesome parkour actioner. As a youtube sensation, its kind of douchey, but in the movies, I think it is visually explosive. I don’t understand why a comic book movie has yet to take advantage of this. Daredevil would especially take advantage considering he is one of the definitive “roof jumpers.”