Potential Superman Movie Villains

With Hollywood hoping to reignite their once great Superman film franchise they need to take a page out of the superhero playbook and give him some worthy villains to face. Every time he has been on film the Man of Steel has faced some combination of Lex Luthor and General Zod, with the upcoming Man of Steel promising to give us a brand new take on the Kryptonian war criminal, it’s time to find some new threats to face Superman.

Lex Luthor-Ralph Fiennes

I can hear the eye rolls through the computer screen, but hear me out; true Luthor has been on film many times before, but never has he been shown properly. The Luthor of the big screen has always been some hammy silly character with some comedic business scheme, and the time has come for the Lex Luthor of the comics, a suave and ruthless businessman who believes he is doing the world a favor by destroying Superman. British thespian Ralph Fiennes, has mastered the art of playing characters who exude arrogance and malice while keeping a sense of gravitas just dress him in a designer suit and you instantly have a villain who is the perfect mental threat to Superman.

Braniac-Hugo Weaving

Cold and mechanical existing only to collect knowledge and destroy anything in his path. sounds like a Hugo Weaving character to me. With his frighteningly calm demeanor and instantly recognizable voice Weaving would be perfect as the extraterrestrial threat. Plus his roles in flicks like The Matrix and V for Vendetta prove he can pull off the physical side of the role and trade blows with Superman.

Darkseid-Michael Clarke Duncan

Why not go for broke and pick the biggest and baddest threat in the entire DC Universe to face-off with? This would easily solve the whole stupid, “Superman is too strong” argument and make the Man of Tomorrow the underdog in this fight going against the intergalactic ruler AND an army of Parademons. Michael Clarke Duncan has the size and the baritone voice to pull off the role and he has experience playing tough guys who have a sense of regality.

Magog-Mickey Rourke

In a possible future of the DC Universe an anti-hero makes Superman and his code against killing an antiquity, Magog. Along the way he encourages a new generation of super humans to join him and buck against the established heroes in the world leading to a very dark time for humanity. An unrefined brawler who still gets the people to cheer him on, sounds a job for Mickey Rourke. A rough and tumble, battle hardened actor who in The Wreslter played a tough guy who entertained the masses and in Iron Man 2 went toe to toe with two men in super powered Iron Suits.