Casting Call: Street Fighter

Mark Valley – Guile

Mark Valley is an actor who was originally attending the United States Military Academy before serving in the Army in Berlin. This makes him intimately experienced in playing a man depicted as a straight laced military man dressed in green fatigues and exaggerated crew cut. Mark Valley was a fan favorite for a long time to play Captain America based on his blonde all-American looks, experience with action scenes (especially his short lived Fox tv series, “Human Target”), and charming leadership roles.

Ian Anthony Dale – Ryu

Ian Anthony Dale has already played 2 video game characters. He had a role in the Tekken adaptation as well as appearing as Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat web series. In both, he effectively held his own in martial arts related roles, but his usual career move is to play a straight-face, dead pan muscle in a comedy (like when he appeared in The Hangover). So not only would he handle himself in the ring, but he could play off Ryu’s buddy, Ken, as the straightman.

Seann William Scott – Ken

Ken is Ryu’s best bud. The learned to fight together and usually find each other pitted against each other during official fights. Ken is a bit of a motor-mouth with a big heap of ego and attitude. Seann William Scott knows ego and attitude. His most successful roles involve those kind of characteristics. American Pie. Role Models. Road Trip. One of his less successful roles saw him play the kung fu prodigy to a super powered monk in Bulletproof Monk. While the movie might not be the best, I found Scott to be surprisingly effective in his very non-Stifler role including the ability to jump kick with the best of them. On film anyways.

Jackie Earle Haley – Nash

Nash is portrayed as Guile’s best friend. Haley played Valley’s best friend in the tv series, “Human Target.” That relationship definitely played a part in my casting of Haley as Nash. Nash doesn’t really have much of a background other than he was Guile’s friend who was killed by Bison forcing Guile to seek revenge. Nash would later become a playable character, so he should be able to fight. Haley has a black belt in kenpo and tae kwon do, both of which came handy playing a superhero in Watchmen and a mercenary in “Human Target.”

Bas Rutten – Zangief

Technically, Zangief is Russian and Rutten is Dutch, but they are both broad shouldered, muscle bound martial artists. Rutten is in actuality a UFC Heavyweight Champion with a black belt in Tae kwon do and Karate, and also experienced in kickboxing. He also has the personality of a WWE wrestler being both affable and talkative. His persona begs for camera attention.

Balrog – Terry Crewes

Balrog is based on Mike Tyson all the way down to his threats of biting off his opponent’s ear. He is a boxer raised in a ghetto searching for the American Dream. He is usually depicted as a general in Bison’s criminal outfit. Terry Crews has built a career on being comically muscle-bound and unafraid to poke fun at any part of himself or the stereotypical African-American subculture. His sense of humor has led to his vast comedy career, but he hasn’t been used to his full potential in the action genre. Just looking at him makes me want to see him in a fight or shootout (outside of The Expendables of course).

Vega – Rodrigo Santoro

Vega, like Balrog, is also usually depicted as one of Bison’s generals. He is nicknamed the Spanish Ninja having mastered Japanese Ninjutsu, French Savate, American Zipota and Spanish Bullfighting. He usually wears a mask and a claw on his hand. Santoro most would probably recognize from 300 where he played Xerxes. He is usually shown in graceful positions and a narcissist attitude, which certainly someone like Xerxes, who believed himself to be a god, would also have.

M. Bison – Mark Strong

Mark Strong is not as big as Bison is usually depicted. No matter, because Mark Strong is easily one of the most exciting actors working today, one that loves to play bad guys. He has a screen presence that goes above and beyond what most actors are capable of. There is no way he couldn’t make up for his lack of physical stature (in comparison anyway, since he seems pretty tall) with his ability to command the screen and draw attention.

I realize that this is only a very small sample of the vast Street Fighter cast. The only reason I chose the ones I did was because I thought they were easy to cast, even than, they seem to be the characters that usually take center stage in media alternative from the video games.