Top 10 Greatest Guest Stars on ‘Gravity Falls’

During the month of Halloween it’s fun to find shows that have a spook factor but you can still watch with your kids. Or you can rewatch Gravity Falls and find more clues as to the towns secrets hidden in early episodes. While you’re at it see which of these glorious guest voices you recognised.

10. Larry King and Coolio

coolio-larry-king gravity falls

In the episode ‘Headhunters’ Soos finds a trapdoor leading to a room full of wax figures left from the days when a wax museum was one of the Mystery Shack’s biggest draws, right up until Stan forgot about it. Wanting to bring in more visitors they brings the figures back out into the public space where it turns they are, unsurprisingly, alive. Whilst most are historical figures there is also Larry King (or the ‘goblin man’, as Stan calls him) and rapper Coolio, both voiced by their real life counterparts. Larry King’s wax head even returns in the series finale.

9. Justin Roiland


If Gravity Falls has an adult counter-part show it would be Rick and Morty, the twisted and dark adventures of a drunk scientist and his grandson. Both of the main characters are voiced by the shows co-creator Justin Roiland who also lends his voice to time traveller Blendin Blandin. He’s a fun character, often appearing in the background collecting random items during early episodes before his character and mission are revealed in ‘The Time Traveller’s Pig’.

8. Cecil Baldwin


Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, the voice might. Cecil Baldwin is the voice of Cecil, the host of Night Vale Community Radio in the smash hit podcast series Welcome to Night Vale. He has recorded close to a hundred episodes, calming and soothingly discussing the news, the weather and the frequent horrifying and supernatural occurrences that beset the small town of Night Vale. The link between Night Vale and Gravity Falls is obvious enough, but the twist is that Cecil voices Tad Strange, the only normal person in Gravity Falls. He loves bread.

7. Louis C.K. and Alfred Molina


One is a popular stand up comic and the star of his own sitcom based on his life, the other is a classically trained actor best known to our readers as cinema’s take on Doctor Octopus. Both appear in the three part finale episodes ‘Weirdmageddon’ as some especially odd characters. Louis C.K. is the ‘Horrifyingly Sweaty One Armed Monstrosity’ and Molina is the more catchy named ‘Multi-Bear’.

6. Jon Stewart


The face of scathing and satirical news, whose show launched the careers of Stephen Colbert and John Oliver among others, has been keeping himself busy during retirement. He also appears among the oddities of ‘Weirdmageddon’ during the courtroom scenes. Jon Stewart is none other than Judge Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Face-Shwartzstein. Because of course he is.

5. Nathan Fillion


Geek royalty Nathan Fillion, star of FireflyCastle and other roles including making me tongue-tied, disguises his voice somewhat for his role in Gravity Falls. With the posh twang he’s not quite recognisable as Preston Northwest, the controlling and abusing father of Pacifica Northwest. I want to jam that bell up his nose.

4. Weird Al Yankovich


This absolute gem of the music world is known for his parodies of well-known songs and has remained popular for several decades. He certainly seems an affable fellow, as he turns up in all manner of unusual cameos, sometimes parodying himself. He turns up in Gravity Falls episode ‘Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons’ as antagonist Probabilitor the Annoying, the world’s most frustrating DM.

3. Lance Bass


Yes, that Lance Bass. From N’SYNC. Obviously not beyond poking fun at his own personal history as a boy band member, Bass supplies the voices for a number of the Sev’ral Timez band members. In the show the band Sev’ral Timez is revealed to be made up of perfect boy band clones, poking fun at the speed at which boy bands were churned out in the 90s. Sadly the clones found it hard learning how to function as normal members of society.

2. Kyle Maclachian


If Night Vale is the darker twin to Gravity Falls then Twin Peaks is their Grunkle Stan. The cult television show of the early 90s astounded audiences with its surreal imagery and compelling mystery. Guiding us through the haunting madness was Special Agent Dale Cooper, who enjoys cherry pie and damn fine coffee. This role cemented Kyle McLachlan’s presence as an actor and in a nod to the role and influence of the show on Gravity Falls he makes a blink and you’ll miss is appearance as the bus driver who takes the twins away from the town in the final episode.

1. Neil deGrasse Tyson


Famed astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson appears on television, radio and throughout pop culture, determined to help people learn about the world around us. Waddles is a pig. He has little interest in what you learn. Yet, somehow, they came together in Gravity Falls. In ‘Little Gift Shop of Horrors’ Dipper grounds up ‘percepshrooms’ in a bid to make himself smarter. When Waddles eats the concoction he obtains a genius intellect, making himself a device to scoot him around a speak for him. And of course the hyper-intelligent pig has deGrasse Tyson’s voice.

Bonus: Ariel Hirsch


Well, she’s not a celebrity as such but she’s significant to Gravity Falls. Ariel is the twin sister of Alex Hirsch, creator of the show and basis for the character of Mabel. She turns up very briefly in the show as one of Pacifica Northwests friends (the one with magenta hair). As a child Ariel was obsessed with getting a pet pig, to the point of building a shrine to the cause, so Alex gave her a pig in the show! And he had her record in the studio the same day as her childhood hero Lance Bass! Clearly Alex Hirsch is a solid character.

There are plenty more guest voices in the show. Did we miss your favourite? Pop it in the comments!