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Green Arrow TV Series Wishlist


When The CW proposed a Green Arrow TV show, I didn’t really take them that seriously. Superhero projects get greenlit all the time and never make it to production. Lo and behold, The… Continue reading

Robin: A Comic Book Legacy


This fan service is brought to you by DARKNITE There is a staple of the Batman mythos that even those who have never read a comic in their life know about, his sidekick… Continue reading

Casting Call: Suicide Squad


A feature by SLAMADAM! The Suicide Squad is a team of DC super villains that the government implemented as their own wetworks team. They tended to be universal villains: ones that jumped hero… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Metal Men


By SLAMADAMS The Metal Men made their debut in Showcase #37 created by writer, Robert Kanigher. They are team of robots created by a young and inventive genius, Will Magnus. They are powered… Continue reading

Running in Circles: The Cyclical Nature of the Comic Industry


This may include spoilers! Recently, Marvel has released that Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, would be rejoining the Fantastic Four. Why did he leave in the first place? He died. And it was… Continue reading

The Enduring Popularity of Batman


There is no doubt that if you happened to see just about any video game store last Tuesday night you saw people lining up for one thing; Batman: Arkham City. Out of all 52… Continue reading