Casting Call: Justice League Movie

As I have written about previously a Justice League movie would rock audiences if done right. Part of doing it right is casting the right people, and because I wish to continue to volunteer my opinions on the matter, here are the people who should be cast as DC’s top heroes.

Superman-Henry Cavill

This is one of the no brainers of this article; Cavill is already poised to take the world by storm as the Man of Steel and rightfully so. What I have seen of the man in interviews and other performances convinces me he is perfect for the part; he has the confidence and charisma needed to play the role.

Batman-Michael Fassebender

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christian Bale as Batman in my humble opinion he is the best to ever play the role, but he has stated time and again that he has no intention of returning to the role after The Dark Knight Rises, thus it is time to look for the next Batman. If they could get him to slow down for a moment from the multiple movies he’s in, Michael Fassebender would be the perfect Batman. He’s got the dashing good looks and heir of mystery for the Bruce Wayne aspect; at the same time he can be quite scary and can pull off the action end of it quite well.

Wonder Woman-Gina Carano

She is absolutely stunning and can kick your ass without breaking a sweat, sounds like the perfect Wonder Woman to me. Despite limited experience in acting she has blown away critics and audiences in her starring role in, Haywire. Carano seems to be that rare actress who can pull off the role on Wonder Woman and not have it turn into an unintentional joke.

Green Lantern-Ryan Renyolds

Like many of you I would love to see someone like Nathan Fillion in the role, but Renyolds did just fine as the Emerald Ring Slinger. Personally I would like to see what this man could do in the role with a much better script to work with and perhaps a proper costume.

The Flash-Neil Patrick Harris

Those who saw the animated version of Darwyn Cooke’s Justice League: The New Frontier, know Harris already has experience as Barry Allen. He is often cast as showy and over the top comedic characters I have no doubt an actor of his talent could pull off the everyman elements of the Scarlett Speedster and also thrive in the fast paced world he lives in.

Aquaman- Alexander Skarsgard

It is no secret that Aquaman is often seen  as a joke by fans and only useful when a menace attacks the DC Universe from the seas. But Arthur Curry is a king for crying out loud and Skarsgard is perfect for giving the character a much needed sense of arrogance and regality. It doesn’t hurt that Skarsgard has the chiseled physique to make for a convincing action hero.

Martian Manhunter-Laurence Fishburne

Mr. Fishburne is probably the only actor who could pull off the JLA’s resident Martian for the big screen. With a deep voice and heir of mystery paired with his inherent sense of authority just slap on some green paint and he’s good to go.