What We Want From a Justice League Movie


For years now Warner Bros. has publicly toyed around with a full fledged Justice League movie, and each time the project falls apart partly due to the outrage at the mishandling of the project. If pulled off properly a Justice League movie would be huge with the potential to put the upcoming Avengers to shame, but in order to do that, the powers that be need to be aware of what the fans want. As a service to them I have laid out the ways they can make a DC’s top team the top team in cinemas.

Keep continuity: The last time they tried this project the biggest point of contention with fans was the fact that they recast roles for characters that were already held by very talented actors. There is no sense in casting an inexperienced young actor in the role of Batman when Christian Bale is already drawing great acclaim as the man the public sees as the Dark Knight on film. Nor does it work when you do the same for the role of Superman or Green Lantern both of which are already seen on  film in their own respective films. The studio has already shown that they have confidence in actors like Bale and Cavill in these roles why not keep them where they are? If the desire to recast a role becomes too overwhelming then give into fan demands and put a green ring on Nathan Fillion’s finger.

Why fix what isn't broken?

Visual extravaganza: A guy who can run fast enough to create a sonic boom. An Amazonian warrior with a lasso of truth and an invisible jet. A fighter pilot who can create anything he wills into existence as long as it’s green. That’s the right the League has a wide range of power sets which could potentially be a disastrous CGI mess, the likes of which would rival Transformers 2.  But if done just right the Justice League in a massive brawl with an army of enemies (Parademons perhaps?) would blow the audience away especially on an IMAX screen.

Be true to the source material: The Justice League set the standard for how super hero teams function in the pages of DC Comics, so in order for the film to follow that precedent they must rely on what makes the comics so successful. If need be call in guys like Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Mark Waid to be consultants on the film/

A big villain: One of the reasons that the Batman franchise has exceeded the previous Green Lantern movie and Superman movie in terms of success is because of the villains. In order to rbing the greatest heroes in the DCU together you need a threat big enough to unite them.  Batman can take down an entire crime syndicate by himself and Green Lantern can singlehandedly stop an alien threat, thus the film needs an antagonist along the lines of Darkseid or the White Martians.

A good line up: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash are givens but who else will fill out the roster? With a vast amount of DC heroes to use you must pick wisely; like using Hal Jordan or John Stewart as the GL instead of Gardner or using someone like Cyborg instead of Aquaman. My suggestion would be using a young and inexperienced hero like Blue Beetle who already has a following among the kids who watch him in, Batman: the Brave and the Bold and he can serve as an entry point to this world for the viewers.