Green Lantern: A Comic Book Legacy

The most powerful weapon in the universe and it only chooses one person in each sector who has the will power strong enough to wield it. Somehow our lovely Sector 2814 never got the memo and we’ve had a myriad of Emerald Ring Slingers protecting the universe. So in honor of these brave heroes, here is the rundown of the citizens of earth who have recited the Oath of the Green Lantern.

Alan Scott: With success of Superman and Batman in the Golden Age of comics the dam had officially burst and superheroes were everywhere. The collaboration of uncredited Batman co-creator Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell resulted in Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern. Having little more than a name in common with those who would follow Scott was an engineer who discovered a magic ring and a lantern to recharge it. Like many other heroes of his era he joined the Justice Society during World War II and later faded in obscurity with his teammates. He would later reemerge after the Crisis on Infinite Earths to fight once again with his children, Jade and Obsidian by his side.

Hal Jordan: The most popular Lantern and the one most often associated with the role. When Julius Schwartz became the head honcho of DC Comics during the 1960’s he decided to put fresh spins on the old WW2 characters making them more science fiction in nature. Instead of a guy who discovered a magic ring, the Cold War demanded a more dashing and Kennedy-esque hero; Hal Jordan was a daring test pilot chosen by Abin Sur to protect this chunk of the universe in the Green Lantern Corps. Throughout the decades to follow, Jordan has; died, gone insane, retired, turned evil and yet through sheer force of will he puts the ring back on to fight evil once more.

John Stewart: During the 1970’s comics had become more socially aware, and leading the charge were Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams who decided to make a statement about the racial tensions in the country by creating one of the first African American superhero and making part of a great super hero legacy. John Stewart was a former Marine who did not get along with Hal at all at first but went on to take over the role and like all the other Lanterns had a great share of problems which came from his job. Sadly overlooked for many years, he finally hit it big with a mass audience from his feature role in the popular, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series’.

Guy Gardner: The Lantern with an attitude. Originally the back up Green Lantern for earth, Gardner  is most known for his stint as the resident hot head from Justice League International who drew the ire of Batman. During his career he took to using a yellow ring and eventually renouncing the Corps. to become, Warrior. As a result of Hal Jordan’s triumphant return in the events of Green Lantern Rebirth, Guy made his return as a Green Lantern.

Kyle Rayner: There is one quality every Green Lantern should have, the willpower to overcome great fear, and that’s a quality that nobody thought Kyle had. When the Corps. was destroyed by an insane Hal Jordan, the last ring was given to a random artist at a nightclub far from the dashing hero that usually got the ring, Rayner was an average guy who now had the weight of the universe on his finger. After the controversial death of his girlfriend Rayner was forced to take the responsibility of being the only Green Lantern around until John Stewart regained his powers and later the Corps. When the Green Lanterns were restarted he continued to serve with them and now takes a leadership role in the New Guardians