The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 8/8/2012

Anti #1 (of 4)

By: Peter Calloway, Daniel Hillyard, and Brian Stelfreeze

Publisher: 12 Guage

Estimated Price: $1.00

What’s it about: That’s right. $1! How can you say no! Plus, I’m a sucker whenever Judo-Christian beliefs are re-purposed as sci-fi/fantasy fiction. Here, Zachary, a faithless man, struggled with the fact that he is humanity’s savior while being protected by a reluctant demon hunter named Jordan.

The Creep #0

By: John Arcudi, Jonathan Case, and Frank Miller

Publisher: Dark Horse

Estimated Price: $2.99

What’s it about: Creep follows a private eye who happens to suffer from a medical condition that basically makes him ugly. He is approached by a former lover to look into the suicide of her son and her son’s friend that the police believe to be unrelated. With a Sin City-esque cover by Frank Miller, it looks like it might be Marv meets Chinatown.

Batgirl #12

By: Gail Simone, Vicente Cifuentes, and Stanley Lau

Publisher: DC Comics

Estimated Price: $2.99

What’s it about: I have been reading Batgirl off and on. I find Gail Simone’s narrative prose to be too wordy, and I think I am still feeling some resentment from changing Barbara back to Batgirl from the incredibly awesome Oracle. Although, I can’t help but be interested in catfight between Batgirl and Batwoman, especially since the latter still seems mostly separate from the Bat-family in general.

Avengers Assemble #6

By: Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Estimated Price: $3.99

What’s it about: Honestly, I don’t know. I thought this was going to be a movie tie-in so I never bothered picking it up. I have no idea if it is supposed to be an Avengers: Year One type deal or a totally different continuity altogether. Either way, it stars a very recognizable line-up of Avengers teaming up with Guardians of the Galaxy to take down Thanos. With the new movie set to close out Marvel’s Phase Two movie plan, this might be a good intro to the C-list characters. (Also, if you haven’t been reading Marvel’s cosmic corner, than you need to get on that. Go all the way back to Annhilation Wave and work you’re way back. Your Welcome!)

Gambit #1

By: James Asmus and Clay Mann

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Estimated Price: $2.99

What’s it about: A brand new on-going series for everyone’s favorite ragin’ cajun should turn a lot of heads. As a fan favorite character, the time he spends on panel, animated, and in movies seems pretty criminal, so it is nice to see Gambit get another bit at the apple. It sounds like the on-going will be focused on his thief exploits and like the Hawkeye book that came last week, this seems to have more in common with the Marvel Knight corner (Daredevil, Punisher, et al) of the shared universe than the mutant or Avenger side.

New Avengers #29

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, Ron Garney

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Estimated Price: $3.99

What’s it about: Every Avenger book has pretty much been bogged down by the Avengers vs X-Men event. So much so, that I have ultimately dropped most of the books until after the event. For the most part, it just seems like inconsequential fodder to expand on some of the things down between panels in the main event book. New Avengers #29 is a little different though because it is the meeting of the Illumanti (now with Captain America involved) ever since the Avengers recollected the Infinity Gems.

Wolverine #311

By: Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Estimated Price: $3.99

What’s it about: Sabretooth returns, but how? and frankly why? Post-M-Day Wolverine was kind of cool for awhile. He got all his memories back and hit the road to tie up his own loose ends all the while being observed and hunted by Romulus, a mysterious enemy from his past. As part of Romulus’ plan, Sabretooth was mutated further into a feral beast which Wolverine put down like a rabid dog. It was a decently bittersweet moment. Since then, Wolverine’s books have been uneven, and if I needed to suggest a damn good Wolvie story, I would only point to Uncanny X-Force (because its that awesome). But now that Sabretooth has made a surprise appearance in X-Force with little to no explanation, I am left pretty damn curious.