Greatest Justice League Stories

If their is a superhero team reminiscent of a pantheon it is the Justice League. A team without equal they recruit the best and those who have proven themselves to battle evil. Over the decades they ahve attracted a number of talented creators who have brought out the best in the Justice League, so in no particular order here are the greatest Justice League stories.

Brave and the Bold #28: When Starro the Conquer arrives on earth it is clear no single hero can stand up to him alone. This drives: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and the Martian Manhuner to join forces for the first time as the Justice League of America. Conceived by Silver Age Comic great Gardner Fox, the team not only defeated Starro but changed comics forever.

JLA: New World Order: By the time Grant Morrison and Howard Porter began their best-selling run on the Justice League, the once great team had spent years in mediocrity. This was about to change and Morrison buffed up it’s roster with the classic 7 members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. As the war-like White Martian begin their invasion of earth, the newly rebranded JLA are the ones standing in their way. A grand epic in every sense, New World Order proved to readers why the League is on the level they are.

JLA: Tower of Babel: At his worst Batman is paranoid of all those around him. As this story tells us he is paranoid enough to have a contingency plan to take down all of his fellow Leaguers and this should never fall into the wrong hands. Under respected writer Mark Waid and artist Howard Porter, the wrongs they inevitably fell to was Ras al Ghul. In quick order; Aquaman is made afraid of water via Scarecrow’s fear toxin, Plastic Man is frozen, and Superman is famously exposed to Red Kryptonite. Inevitably the League succeeds but the damage has already been done and the Dark Knight is outed from the team.

JLA: Year One: If there is one constant in comics it is reboots which require new looks at old story. For the JLA Mark Waid was inevitably the best choice along with artist Barry Kitson to solidify the new origin for DC’s premier team. For 12 issues, the team took a new and modern approach to the formation of the League. It is far from smooth sailings as the superheroes learn how to function as a team for the first time. Their efforts over time attract the attention of heavy-hitters, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to join their ranks.

Crisis on New Genesis/Crisis Between 2 Earths/Crisis on Apokoplips: During his famous tenure with DC Comics, legendary artist Jack Kirby created the New Gods and the villain Darkseid. When Darkseid finally makes his presence known in the wider universe even the Justice League needs help to stop him. As per the annual tradition they joined with the Justice Society of America and their new allies the New Gods for this epic three issue story arc. Of course with this many characters in action leave it to the comic great George Perez to do some of the best art of his career.

Justice League International: Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the DC Universe was new and ready to be rebuilt. Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire with charged with reintroducing the Justice League to the readers. Except they could not use Superman….or Wonder Woman….. or the Flash…or the Hal Jordan. Luckily Batman’s editor Denny O’Neil felt sorry for them and allowed them the Dark Knight. With a roster containing the likes of: Dr. Light, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Guy Gardner, the creators created a classic of comicdom. Focusing on humor and heart over grand action the new Justice League International endeared themselves to readers who still remember this motley team of heroes.

JLA: Rock of Ages: Grant Morrison and Howard Poter’s time reinvigorating the JLA is no doubt a milestone era. During their stint many point to this as arguably their finest moment. Lex Luthor with his Injustice Gang come into possession of a particular stone which provides Luthor with the incredible power. This trippy tales pits the League against a host of threats, including Darkseid as they engage in the nearly impossible battle to save reality itself.

The Tornado’s Path: How do you construct a team to be among the greatest heroes? In the controversial Identity Crisis, acclaimed novelist Brad Meltzer sowed the seeds for the JLA’s deconstruction, so it was fitting that along with the slick pencils of Ed Benes, that he rebuild the team. The Trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman take it upon themselves to select who will be on the new Justice League. At the same time this is happening, Professor Ivo’s famed Red Tornado returns. Combining traditional members like Superman and Wonder Woman with fresh blood like Black Lightning and Arsenal is a great kick-off to this era.