Top 10 Most Grotesque X-Men Powers

The Marvel universe is home to many, many mutant characters. Some have amazing powers, whilst others are…improbable. Such as mutating to travel through portals but only on a boogie-board. That’s not what we’re here for today. Today it’s the grossest, most difficult to look at let alone imagine being, the most hideous mutations inflicted on these poor souls.

We left Chamber of the list, as his deformity was caused by damage his power inflicted – only powers that warped the physical appearance of our heroes count. Also no Beast, because he looks rad.


Barnell Bohusk may not have been living the most blessed life, but it took a serious downward turn when his mutation kicked in and turned him into a monster. Sprouting clumps of feathers, his bones becoming hollow and fragile and his face distending into a beak, he didn’t get any of the advantages of avian powers and was instead left looking horrifying. He did find love with fellow X-Men Angel Salvatore, and together they produced a brood of freaky bird/insect things. Aw.


Barely appearing in comics long enough to constitute a member of the X-Men, Choir made an impression on readers who had this nightmare seared into their eyeballs. Choir can perform impressive ventriloquism but has a series of mouths growing out of her neck and wigs me out.


Robert Herman lost much of his sense of identity when his power shifted form into a large, bulbous mass of pink paraffin. With his skeleton visible within his jelly-like body and a pair of floating eyeballs tethered to his skull, it’s hard to see much past this exterior. Eventually he became a chicken farmer, so that’s nice.


One of the most prominent figures on this list, Paige Guthrie followed her brother Cannonball into the X-Men when her skin-shedding power manifested. Husk can change her skin to different elements, but can only make use of this by shedding off the outer layer. It would be less of a problem if she cleaned up after herself, but her team are stuck stepping in piles of discarded skin.


One of the perpetual kids hanging around with the various X-Squads, Artie expresses himself by creating beautiful visuals in mid-air. The mutant gene didn’t seem to feel this was enough, and left him with bulbous, mottled pink skin and pale, featureless eyes. Why? Why not.


The original leader of media darlings X-Statix, and briefly appearing in Deadpool 2 played by Bill Skarsgård, this guy is something else. A popular celebrity thanks to his public image, he struggles with the knowledge that his ability to puke up highly acidic bile killed his first girlfriend and…well…he has vomit powers.


You know Maggot was going to be here. After much build up, Maggot arrived at the X-Men and saves the life of Cyclops. You see, he has the power of…having a digestive tract comprised of two giant maggots that emerge from his stomach and eats for him. I’m sorry, what?


Turning up on the pages at the same time as Maggot, this hard-nosed fighter managed to last a good deal longer as an X-Man. As cool as she was, he painful ability to grow her bones continuously sees them sprouting out of her skins. She’ll break them off for weapons, but they’ll continue to grow.


Like Beak, Wraith got the short end of the stick in terms of powers. He can turn invisible, but the ability only extends to his skin. Yes, this leaves him with full muscular and organs on display for all. He can also transfer this power to others by touch, which will unsettle them. That’s all. Oh, and he was played by Will I. Am for some reason.


A group of sewer dwelling mutants hiding from a society who rejects them for their appearance could possibly fill this entire list. That’s why we’re putting them all here together. Caliban, Masque, Callisto and more have hidden from the world that cursed them and scavenge for survival beneath New York, facing the worst the mutant gene can offer. Plus one of them is a wizard for some reason.