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Book Review: ‘Silhouettes From Popular Culture’


Illustrator: Olly Moss Publisher: Titan Sometimes a book cross our threshold here at the House of Geekery that provides a challenge for our humble reviewers. Sometimes the book defies typical convention and proves… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Cocktail Waitress’


Author: James M Cain Publisher: Titan Plot: Joan Medford may be young but she has already found herself to be a widow and a single mother. With little in the way of qualifications… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Martian War’


Author: Kevin J. Anderson Publisher: Titan Books Plot: Astronomer Percival Lowell and disgraced biologist Doctor Moreau have tracked an envoy from Mars to the Sahara Desert and come face to face with a… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau’


Author: Guy Adams Publisher: Titan Plot: Holmes and Watson are once again recruited by Mycroft to deal with a decidedly delicate situation. Reports of bodies mauled by animals in London are linked to… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Twenty-Year Death’


Author: Ariel S. Winter Publisher: Titan Books, Hard Case Crime Plot: In 1931, small town France, a dead prisoner is found in a gutter during a storm and proves to be the tip… Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters’


Author: Mark Henderson Plot: Henderson examines the current state of the science and the public perception of science from in a range of major political and social issues, with a running commentary encouraging… Continue reading