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Movie Review: ‘Logan’ (Second Opinion)


Read Slam Adams’ review here!   Plot:  It’s 2029 and the world is empty of mutants.  Former member of the X-Men Logan (Hugh Jackman), lives in a small hideout just over the Texas/Mexico… Continue reading

Year-End Movie Roundup! The Best, The Worst, and Everything In Between In 2016!


As movie years go, 2016 wasn’t a complete dumpster fire but I wouldn’t call it especially strong.  Nevertheless, 2016 contained its share of bright shining gems along with some bona-fide stinkers.  With “best… Continue reading

The Pull List: 8/24/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week. Deadpool #17 The worst thing to happen to Deadpool was when he got multiple inner monologues . They fixed that when they pulled obscure character Madcap out of… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Stefan Kapičić!


If you’re a regular reader you are awesome and know that we brought you an exclusive interview with Brianna ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ Hildebrand this morning. Not ones to split up a team we’re… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!


This past Supanova we got to talk to some awesome people. You’ve seen our chat with James Marsters, now we bring you one of our conversations with the stars of the mega-smash hit Deadpool! Brianna Hildebrand… Continue reading

Supanova Perth 2016 Cosplay Round-Up! (Saturday Pt. 2)


We’re back with the rest of the Saturday cosplayers! Enjoy this collection of amazing creators and dedicated geeks! A big thanks to Jules, our freelance photographer, who did fantastic work all weekend. We’ll… Continue reading

The Pull List: 6/8/2016


Buzz-worthy books of the week Deadpool: Mercs for Money #5 It is the final issue of this mini, where Wade and his buddies can’t decided whether to sell or keep safe a robot from… Continue reading

6 LGBT Superheroes That Deserve Cinematic Representation And Why Captain America Doesn’t Need To Be One of Them


Well another week another nerd cataclysm to deal with. On the heels of the Angry Video Game Nerd and that whole debacle, we’ve got a new flavor of the week controversy.  This time it… Continue reading

Oz Comic-Con Cosplay Round-Up 2016 (Sunday Pt.2)


Sad news everyone…this is the last lot. I know. The good news is that we have a whole whack of artist and writer interviews on the way, including the awesome Nicola Scott. In… Continue reading

Oz Comic-Con Cosplay Round-Up 2016! (Saturday Pt.2)


This batch is even bigger than the last one, because we saw awesome Cosplayers at every turn during Oz Comic-Con! We barely scratched the surface of the talent we saw this weekend. Here’s… Continue reading

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