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Spotlight On: Edward D. Wood Jr.


Usually when you were regarded as the worst at something you are not remembered for it. That is what makes filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr. so special, often dubbed “the Worst Director who… Continue reading

One Hit Wonder: Gore Verbinski


Welcome back to the One Hit Wonder series, where we look at directors who are best known for one big hit and ask whether or not they are deserving of the title. For… Continue reading

One Hit Wonder: M. Night Shyamalan


Continuing the series that puts the spotlight on film makers who haven’t been able to get past that one big hit and asks: are they more than one hit wonders? Who is He?… Continue reading

One Hit Wonder: Kevin Smith


Last time in this series we looked at documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock, with the judgement and public votes both declaring him a one hit wonder. Now we aim for a (ahem) bigger… Continue reading