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How Much Did Amanda Waller Orchestrate Events? (The Suicide Squad)


By now you should have seen The Suicide Squad…or not, looking at box office numbers. Why didn’t you watch The Suicide Squad? Look, we’ve seen it a few times because…it’s awesome. There’s one… Continue reading

Wandavision: Disney Just Gave Fox the Finger


There’s a chance that you haven’t been watching the mind-bending new Marvel TV show Wandavision, in which case you should go and watch the first five episodes. Right now. Good, everyone caught up.… Continue reading

Did We Ever Know The Real Barney Stinson? – A Fan Theory


So¬†How I Met Your Mother ended about a year ago and we’re still pissed off about it. It stands as one of the most disappointing television finales in history not only in the… Continue reading