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Movie Review: ‘IT’ (Second Opinion)


  Plot:  Based on the classic horror novel by Stephen King, IT centers around Derry, a small town in Maine not unlike any other town in America.  However, this is not an ordinary… Continue reading

Casting Call: The Adult Losers Club in the ‘IT’ Sequel


*WARNING BOOK AND MINI-SERIES SPOILERS AHEAD*   Man I can’t seem to get off (that’s what she said!) the topic of the IT film lately.  Or should I say the first IT film… Continue reading

The “IT” Factor


  WARNING!  MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!!!  IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE IT MINI-SERIES OR READ THE NOVEL AND DON’T WANT EITHER RUINED TURN BACK NOW!!! I constantly go back and forth between which Stephen King… Continue reading