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Movie Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’


  Plot:  In late 2104 the crew of the colony ship Covenant carrying 2000 people in hypersleep and en route to Origae-6, is struck by a random neutrino storm.  The sole awake passenger… Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Ridley Scott Films


      Although audiences won’t be privy to Ridley Scott’s next film for another few months, in recent days we’ve been exposed to two outstanding trailers that the talented director is associated… Continue reading

6 Geektastic Prequels That You Need To See


  Prequels get a bad rap. Obviously, George Lucas didn’t help much with the abysmal dreck that was The Phantom Menace and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, while entertaining, was often ponderous. Throw in turd burgers… Continue reading