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Spotlight On: The Million Dollar Quartet


As some of you may have gathered from reading my work here over the years, I am proud to be a citizen of Memphis, Tennessee. Around the world this city on the banks… Continue reading

‘Sun Records’ Episodes 2-4 Review


For the review of the first episode of Sun Records click HERE The eight episode saga of the birth of rock n’ roll in Memphis continues to unfold and more players are introduced.… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Heavy Metal’


Movies are such a powerful and visual medium that many movies become ingrained in the memories of fans. This could be for a multitude of reasons; strong characters, great action, thrilling scares, or… Continue reading

‘Sun Records’-Episode 1 Review


In the 1950’s the city of Memphis, Tennessee (my proud hometown) became ground zero for a revolution which changed music forever. The city had been a massive crossroad of culture for the first… Continue reading