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Retro Review: ‘Humanoids From the Deep’


Following the success of Jaws a number of filmmakers leapt at the chance to make their own version of an aquatic-based horror flick. Of course, B-movie maestro and Hollywood icon Roger Corman was… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Deathsport’


In 1975 actor David Carradine starred in one of the most memorable of B-movie icon Roger Corman’s films Death Race 2000. The flick about race car drivers zipping through the country on a… Continue reading

The Edgar Allen Poe Films of Vincent Price & Roger Corman


Three of the biggest icons in the history of terror are author/poet Edgar Allan Poe, cult favorite filmmaker Roger Corman, and the Merchant of Menace himself Vincent Price.  This is why horror fans… Continue reading