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‘Starship Troopers’ May Be A Satirical Anti-Fascist Movie…But It’s Still Horrible


I have tremendous respect for Paul Verhoeven.  The man made two of the best science-fiction films ever:  Robocop and Total Recall.  Those films helped define my childhood*.  The first was an over-the-top satirical… Continue reading

Original VS Remake: ‘Total Recall’


Previously… Dawn of the Dead Ocean’s 11 Wings of Desire/City of Angels So, here’s a sticky question. Is it a remake if they’re both based on the same source material? Under most circumstances I… Continue reading

Top 10 Best Arnold Schwarzengger Films


  With Terminator: Genisys just passing $435 million in box office receipts worldwide, it’s hard to believe that at sixty-eight, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a bankable action star, at least globally.  Though the… Continue reading