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Trailer Roundup: The Trailers of Gamescom 2014 (part two)


By Hedge My last post focussed on the big two – Microsoft and Sony. Their press conferences gave us more than a few trailers, but over the last few days we’ve seen even… Continue reading

Game Preview: Destiny Beta Hands On – Part Two


By Hedge The first part of the Destiny Beta was a superb, exquisitely fun affair that I could not stop playing. I hooked around twenty hours over the four days prior to the… Continue reading

E3 2014 Trailer Roundup: Day Three


By Hedge This is it folks, the final day of E3 shenanigans for 2014. It’s been great, so much coolness coming out this and next year. For this post I’ve collected up the… Continue reading

E3 2014 Trailer Roundup: Day Two


By Hedge If yesterday wasn’t big enough, today saw even more trailers and announcements with the Nintendo online event and more details from the E3 show floor. This post is Nintendo-cutesy heavy, but… Continue reading

E3 2014 Trailer Roundup: Day One


By Hedge E3 is back, and with is a slew of new games for console generations old and new. As we have in the past, we’ll be rounding up the trailers and info… Continue reading

First Impressions Review: Grand Theft Auto V


By Hedge Publisher: Rockstar Available on: PS3 and Xbox 360. PC coming soon. Played on: PS3 This is, as best I could make it, a spoiler free review. I’ve played every Grand Theft… Continue reading