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Retro Review: ‘Swamp Thing’


For being a character who has always been an under the radar cult favorite, Swamp Thing has had an endless supply of talented and creative people telling stories in the pages of the… Continue reading

Showdown: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ vs ‘Scream’


It’s with great sadness that I learned about Wes Craven’s passing. He was my favorite horror director; a brilliantly creative man who helped to revolutionize the horror genre. In his honor, I will… Continue reading

Tribute: Wes Craven R.I.P.


I was a child during the 1980s, and I was not allowed to watch horror movies (Revenge of the Ninja and┬áCommando, yes, but not horror movies). That doesn’t mean Freddy Krueger didn’t find… Continue reading