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The 2000s Awesome Horror Ass Kickers


With the resurgence of horror thanks to movies like Scream, horror was hotter than ever in the 2000s. It certainly became one of the most popular genres of film at the time (still… Continue reading

The 70’s Grooviest Scream Queens


Once the 70’s rolled around, the horror genre took a severe 180. Gone were the days of the classic Universal monsters, gone were the science fiction panic films, and gone were the classy… Continue reading

The Top Ten Best Daft Punk Songs


Daft Punk holds a special place in my heart when it comes to me and music. My first real passion for music as more than just catchy noise as a child was when… Continue reading

Ten of the Best SyFy Channel Original Movies


Preposterous! Insanity! Outrageous! You’re lying! I didn’t hit you! That’s probably what the reaction to the title of my article is going to be. SyFy (or Sci-fi for us old school fans). I… Continue reading

Ten Urban Legends That Deserve A Proper Movie Adaptation


We’ve all heard them at one point in our lives. The hook on the car door. The killer in the backseat. Alligators in the sewers. We’ve all had our share of urban legends… Continue reading