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Movie Review: ‘SPECTRE’


Plot:  Picking up shortly after the events of Skyfall, SPECTRE finds the indomitable MI-6 agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a mission to kill a man at the request of the recently deceased M (Judi… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: Doctor Who: Series 9: Episode 7: The Zygon Invasion


It’s just a generally accepted fact that almost every Doctor Who episode since the moment BBC restarted the series has been strong.  In over 100 episodes I’ve yet to see an episode that rated less… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Beasts of No Nation’


  Plot:  When civil war approaches a small West African village, many of the townspeople are forced to flee to the capital for sanctuary.  Among those is the family of a adolescent boy… Continue reading

Casting Call: ‘Ready Player One’


  ****ALERT!  SOME PLOT SPOILERS BELOW**** If you’ve followed me regularly on House of Geekery, you already know my unmitigated love for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.  While I always thought it would… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Episode 6 “The Woman Who Lived”


Occasionally in Doctor Who there’s an episode (not counting the Christmas specials) where the Companion is either absent or shows up towards the end of the show.  Such is the case with “The Woman Who… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 5: ‘The Girl Who Died’


  “The Girl Who Died” begins in one of those classic Doctor Who ways–at the end of another adventure we don’t know about.  Whereas some of the previous episodes in Series 9 have had… Continue reading

Why the ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy Means So Much To Me


  In preparing to write this article, something strange and ironic hit me.  The year that shaped me as a movie fan forever, occurred between August of 1984 and August of 1985.  During… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Episode 4: ‘Before The Flood’


Doctor Who carries its fair share of wackiness.  As eccentric and off the wall as The Doctor tends to be, I can’t ever recall him breaking the fourth wall. Until this last episode. His… Continue reading

Why ‘Seven’ at 20 is Still a Perfect 10


It’s hard to picture a list of the best cinematic thriller/mysteries of all time without including Seven.  Yet if not for the resilience of director David Fincher, the film might not have happened at… Continue reading

Timey Wimey Talk: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Episode 3 “Under the Lake”


After the first two episodes of Series 9 rocked out like The Doctor playing “Stairway to Heaven,” a drop off was inevitable.  That’s not to say that the latest episode of Doctor Who, “Under… Continue reading

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