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The Problem With Horror Films Pt.1


Horror is a beautiful genre of film, it’s just a shame that 99% of the time, the films within said genre are beyond awful. The films give endless adrenaline and can create the… Continue reading

Top Ten Film Cameo’s


Cameo appearances are often like a game of Where’s Wally (Waldo for you American folk), usually a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment giving a nod to a celebrity (either as themselves or acting a character), so… Continue reading

Review: Reign Over Me


There’s only one coke in the image above? Poor form, Sandler, you managed to fit five product placement’s for Coke in the cinema of Jack and Jill. ┬áThe thing nightmares are made of,… Continue reading

Top 5 Trolls


TheOriginalCinephile’s Top Five Trolls. 5) Landover Baptist Church – What began as a satirical website by Chris Harper slowly became one of the gems of the internet. A complete satire of fundamentalist… Continue reading

Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (U.S.)


by THE ORIGINAL CINEPHILE In one hand, I hold Clerks (Smith,1994), rated R18 by the Australian Ratings Board. In my other, I hold Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino,1992), also rated R18. Suppose I had a… Continue reading

Review: Terri (Blu-ray/DVD)


The ‘Comedy’ genre has been endlessly dragged through the mud from being slammed onto anything and everything, recently. Shows like Shit my Dad Says (2010) and films like Jack and Jill (2011) shouldn’t… Continue reading