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Exclusive Interview: Nicola Scott


If you follow DC comics you’ve encountered Nicola Scott’s work at some point. Her work drawing Birds of Prey and Earth 2 is only the tip of her career as an artist. We had the… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Jamie Bamber


During this past weekend’s Supanova Convention in Perth, Australia we were lucky enough to sit down with Jamie Bamber, best known to the geek community as Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.… Continue reading

Mark F. Berry – Exclusive House of Geekery Interview


It is no secret that movies with monsters, the bigger the better, are nothing short of an absolute blast, from Roger Corman’s B-Flicks to a prestigious epic like Jurassic Park, they fascinate fans… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with John Callen and Stephen Hunter from ‘The Hobbit’!


We sat down with John ‘Oin’ Callen and Stephen ‘Bombur’ Hunter (and Amelia, junior reporter) at Oz Comic Con to talk about incognito dwarf costumes, posing nude and killing Kyle Sandilands. Enjoy the… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Robert Maschio


Yesterday we published our talk with Sam ‘Ted’ Lloyd and now it’s time for THE TODD! Brace yourself for an epic high-five… The audio is in two parts (required for high-five sound effects)… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Sam Lloyd!


  This week past we’ve seen a west coast tour of Australia by the the awesome OzComicCon! Now that we’ve covered the fantastic cosplayers here and here and it’s time to share the interviews… Continue reading