Advertisements Wins Again!


If you haven’t been to Teefury before, prepare to go broke. Teefury accepts designs from artists the web over and turns them into shirts sold for $10 a pop (plus $10 shipping for… Continue reading

Top 10 Low Budget Superheroes


When Bruce Wayne set out to turn himself into the Dark Knight, he spent years travelling, studying and training. He also invested untold millions of dollars from his inheritance equipping himself and his… Continue reading

‘X-Men: First Class’ DVD Review


Director: Matthew Vaughn Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz Plot: The origin of the X-Men, specifically the friendship between Professor Xavier and Magneto before… Continue reading

How a Film Trailer Nearly Crushed My Soul


by Appa the Gypsy The year was 2008. I was young (sixteen, to be exact), I was approaching my first set of high school examinations, and I was an angsty teenager, meaning that… Continue reading

Classic Scene #1: “A God Among Insects”


A God Among Insects from X-Men 2 (Bryan Singer, 2003) The Scene: With the members of the X-Men scattered across the country following an attack on the mansion, the remaining members are forced… Continue reading

‘Arkham City’ First Impressions


Australia lives in a world of arbitrary delays and restrictions. We sit helplessly mute whilst our international fellow geeks watch movies, shows and play games weeks, months and even years before we get… Continue reading

The 10 Best Universal Monster Movies


by DARKNITE125 Everybody no matter what age or gender or race they are knows Dracula has a widows peak, a cool cape, and speaks in a deep Hungarian accent; these same people know… Continue reading

‘Adventures of Tintin’ Trailer and Fan Made Intro!


For those not already on the Excitement Trail bound for Awesome station, there is a motion-captured Tintin movie due out this Christmas release period. Maybe you don’t read Tintin, or think it’s too… Continue reading

5 Reasons ‘Arkham City’ Will Rock/Suck


This week heralds the arrival of one of the most anticipated games of the year (THE most anticipated for cool people). ‘Arkham Asylum’ was a surprisingly brilliant production, rising far above the average… Continue reading

‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ Retro Review


I felt a twinge of familiarity when the latest documentary from divisive film maker Michael Moore. The opening sequence plays out in an identical fashion to Bowling for Columbine. Nothing wrong with that,… Continue reading

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