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Retro Review: ‘Lady Street Fighter’


In 1975, B-movie director James Bryan made the movie, Deadly Games. It was promptly locked in a vault so that nobody would have to suffer it. That is until 1981, wanting to ride… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo


To fans of B-movies everywhere the late great Cannon Films is worthy of respect for their film contributions. Specializing in medium to low budget films, particularly in the 80’s, Cannon is responsible for… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘The Street Fighter’


I already know many of you are expecting a review of the terribly awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme movie (that will probably come in a later Retro Review) or the even worse one with… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Samurai Cop’


The Los Angeles Police Department is under siege by a gang known as the Katana and their leader Fuji Fujiyama. At their wits end they turned to an officer from outside of their… Continue reading

Retro Review: ‘Robot Monster’


Those who believe that 3D was a recent development utilized by theaters I have some news which may shake your beliefs to their very core…..or just kind of surprise you. During the 1950’s… Continue reading