Retro Review: ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

To fans of B-movies everywhere the late great Cannon Films is worthy of respect for their film contributions. Specializing in medium to low budget films, particularly in thebreak1 80’s, Cannon is responsible for many beloved cult classics like: Masters of the Universe, Delta Force, Superman IV: Quest for Peace and a fun breakdancing movie called Breakin’. Despite mediocre reviews the movie became a surprise hit at the box office, which of course led to the 1984 sequel we are talking about today, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Breakin’ 2 reunites the trio from the original film; Ozone, Turbo, and Kelley. Turbo and Ozone have become figureheads at an inner city community center, drawing Kelley away from the posh lifestyle of her family to rejoin her friends. In a plot you have seen in multiple 80’s flicks, a cold-hearted developer is looking to bulldoze their hangout to develop the land into a boring business for grown-ups. Naturally the trio has to raise a fortune in order to save their community center, a mission which more often than not break2takes a back seat to the the characters showing off their dance skills.

A thin plot of 80’s tropes works really well for Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo because every five minutes the movie has to stop to give viewers a flashy song/dance number. While this is an often criticized element of the movie, the dancing scenes are actually very energetic and very fun even if they do take place at ridiculous moments. But without these ridiculous moments we would not know that in this universe dancing can both settle disputes with rival gangs AND heal seriously injured people. While this may sound stupid, that’s mainly because it is stupid but in the best kind of way. Breakin’ 2 is flashy and energetic with a plethora of ridiculous wardrobe decisions on the parts of the characters and it’s so damn entertaining because of it.

In addition to leaving a legacy for being a cult classic, Breakin’ 2 has also left its mark on pop culture with its subtitle. Even people who have never heard of this movie are familiar with the concept of naming sequels Electric Boogaloo as a joke. The movie has become synonymous with bad sequels, perhaps a bit unfairly as I have seen FAR worse sequels than this one. Breakin 2′ has definitely earned its cult favorite status, as it covers its numerous flaws as a movie with a loud and bright energy which will keep you watching.