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Geekiest Bars & Restaurants in America


Like many other humans we in the fandom community need to eat and drink, because if we don’t we will die. But that does not mean we can not have fun with it.… Continue reading

Beer and a Movie Marathon


We are lucky enough to live in a day and age, where the greatest drink known to man is readily available in a variety of styles and variations. Of course I am talking… Continue reading

Spotlight On: ‘Hill Farmstead’


I am a geek of many things. Comics. Movies. TV Shows. And beer! That’s right! Beer! I have made my own (it sucked!), I have gone to many brew fests, some of which… Continue reading

The Drinks of Pop Culture Icons


In life I find you can often tell a lot about people based on their choice of beverage. Many times someone will become accustomed to a certain beverage and it will become their… Continue reading

Beer of the Month: Kona Big Wave Golden Ale


Beer: Its April. It is starting to get warmer. It is officially spring. Beer drinkers want something significantly lighter. A typical blonde ale is probably overdoing it, but this brew from Hawaii’s Kona Brewing… Continue reading

Beer of the Month: Smuttynose Baltic Porter


Beer: Even though its only March, it is still pretty damn cold, at least in my neck of the woods. It gives me one last chance to taste winter before the warmer spring… Continue reading