Geekiest Bars & Restaurants in America

Like many other humans we in the fandom community need to eat and drink, because if we don’t we will die. But that does not mean we can not have fun with it. With themed bars and restaurants all over the country, there are bound to be some which appeal to our love of; fantasy, science fiction, and gaming.


Rec Room (Memphis, TN): All of us of a certain age have fond memories of hanging out at the local arcade, spending are hard earned coins on a variety of games. In the Broad Avenue Arts District of Memphis the old-school arcade is back and grown up at the Rec Room. Housed in an old warehouse, this unique bar provides a number of retro video games to keep you and your friends there all night. They have your vintage arcade games and pinball but they also provide classic console games which can be played on massive projector screens, a vast improvement on the TV you used to use. At the end of every month they host Nerd Night, providing guest speakers the opportunity to talk about a topics from; social issues in Marvel TV shows to string theory.


Savage Pizza (Atlanta, GA): Feeding the artistic hub of Little Five Points is a pizza place decorated in vintage comics and action figures. When you first walk up to the front door, the mural of a Sentinel outstretched over the sign welcomes you to a restaurant like no other. Covers and blown up panels from legendary comic book artists adorn the walls everywhere you look; from Jack Kirby’s Silver Surfer to Adam Hughes’ Wonder Woman. Action figures dangle overhead to distract you while you chow down, though as delicious as their pizza is they will not distract you for long.


The Way Station (Brooklyn, NY): You will be forgiven for believing the rest room is bigger on the inside, mainly because sitting at the doorway is a familiar blue box. A steam punk décor combined with a classier Victorian style, provide the mood and atmosphere at the Way Station. Named for a Stephen King tale, features cocktails with names like; Picard Maneuver, Machete, Rocket Raccoon, the Captain Jack, and a variety of “Sonic” Screwdrivers. The Way Station famously provides a venue for entertainers to perform as well to truly promote a fun artistic space.

Game playing at Emerald Tavern on December 2, 2016

Emerald Tavern Games and Café (Austin, TX.): All across geekdom, we all enjoy gaming in some way shape or form. What Emerald Tavern Games and Café provides is the perfect relaxed space to break out your favorite game. Whether you are into; CCG’s, RPG’s, Miniatures….maybe not LARPing so much, you can find it here. What sets Emerald Tavern apart is that while you prepare to battle the Beholder, you have an incredible selection of beverages to get you through your campaign. If do not need to be slowed down from sleepiness, they provide a nice variety of coffees. If you are looking for a more adult oriented beverage, there numerous types of beers and wine available.


Dungeons and Drafts (Ft. Collins, CO.): It all started when two locals, Melissa and Manny, launched a Kickstarter campaign to open their own fantastical Medieval themed bar. That dream has become a reality at Dungeons and Drafts. Designed like the watering holes you find in many fantasy novels (complete with mounted dragon head above the mantle) this is truly a one of a kind bar