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Classic Scene: Boarding the Plane


Boarding the plane Casablanca (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz The Scene: At the climax to one of the greatest films ever made, we finally get to the point where Victor Lazlo will escape Casablanca… Continue reading

Noirvember Review: “In a Lonely Place”


Every November fans of classic cinema celebrate one of the great genres of filmdom, the film noir. These beloved films ensure fans get their fill of; gritty streets, tough detectives, mysterious femme fatales,… Continue reading

Top 10 Humphrey Bogart Movies


Hollywood icon Humphrey Bogart is an actor who has risen past being a great entertainer and has become a certified cultural icon. Even those who have never seen one of his movies recognize… Continue reading

‘The Maltese Falcon’ 75th Anniversary Retro Review


I was recently lucky enough to catch one of my all time favorite films presented on the big screen for its 75th anniversary, the John Huston classic the Maltese Falcon. This adaptation of… Continue reading