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Awesome Website Alert: Hipster Community on tumblr

by No, its not a community for hipster. It is a site of quotes of everyone’s favorite tv show, Community, superimposed over pictures of hipster bullshit. It brilliantly pokes fun at hipsters. Ironically,… Continue reading

The 10 Biggest Facebook Annoyances


This list has been done by other people, but the fun thing about bitching on Facebook is that there’s always something new to make you grind your teeth. There’s something that’s been a… Continue reading

Top 10 ‘Nostalgia Critic’ Episodes


With To Boldly Flee the ‘That Guy With the Glasses’ website retires its flagship series – the Nostalgia Critic. A character created and played by Doug Walker the foul mouthed and psychotic film… Continue reading

Top 5 Creepypasta


For those looking at that title and scratching their heads: the term ‘creepypasta’ originated on the internet (and I am yet to hear someone use it in any other context) and refers to… Continue reading

Astounding Tales of Internet Discovery!


There’s this actor whom I hated ever since I saw him in a forgotten 90’s sitcom, every time he was on screen he had to interject with an annoying ‘Oohh yeeaaah!’, oh and… Continue reading