Astounding Tales of Internet Discovery!

There’s this actor whom I hated ever since I saw him in a forgotten 90’s sitcom, every time he was on screen he had to interject with an annoying ‘Oohh yeeaaah!’, oh and he also had some obnoxiously big ears (c’mon! They freaked me out I’m sorry!). While trying to compile a list of “actors I hate just because”, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of said show, who else was part of the cast nor what other movies this dude has done. He’s a total ‘Hey it’s that guy’, I at least was aware I’ve seen him in other works of entertainment but not even IMDB could help me out with such vague information.

It wasn’t until I started watching “Breaking Bad” that our mystery man started making appearances as “Mike”, one of Saul’s/Gus’ fixers. So as soon as I could I hit the internet to finally learn who he was, I ended up with the name: Jonathan Banks. So that was the guy who I hated just because. Hated in the past tense because after “Breaking Bad” he’s been so badass it totally changed the way I feel and after the latest episode I felt the need to pay the man my respects in this little unnecessary tale of internet search. Thank you “Breaking Bad” for satiating my decade long curiosity of what this guy’s name was and thank you for making me reevaluate my absurd hate for him, heck, even his ears are looking more and more badass!

“I don’t like you dissin’ at my ears”

After learning who he was I of course could not stop there, I needed to know what was the name of the aforementioned 90’s sitcom and after a few clicks within IMDB I ended up with “Fired Up” starring all sorts of “Hey it’s that guy/girls”, Sharon Lawrence, Leah Remini and Mark Feuerstein (this show was full of ‘hey it’s THAT guy/girl’s).

Ahhh, the 90’s!

It was also written and produced by Arleen Sorkin who is NOT related to Aaron Sorkin, I know this because I started digging deeper and asked myself if they were. Going down further through the trivial rabbit hole it turns out she’s married to Chrsitopher Lloyd. Holy crap! Seriously? But wait there’s more, the kicker here (the whole reason I was compelled to write this post) is that she’s the reason we have Harley Quinn in our lives. Yes, THAT Harley Quinn, Joker’s “mad love”. Turns out this Sorkin chick is the inspiration for the character as she’s friends with “Batman The Animated Series” creator Paul Dini and he said he’d create Harley just for her. (Arleen… Harley Quinn!!). Why can’t I have friends like that?

So my first conclusion was:

Holy poop! Harley Quinn is Doc Brown’s wife!!!!

But uh, no… it’s not like that, as I found out through my second discovery:

There are TWO Christopher Lloyds!!! All my life I though THE Christopher Lloyd was responsible for shows like “Frasier” but no, one is the creator of said sitcom, as well as Modern Family and a bunch of other successful TV shows, the other is our beloved Doc Brown, and just now did I realize they are TWO different people!

NOT the same guy.

Discovery #3: Harley Quinn was created specifically for the animated series… I… did not know that.

I can totally see the similarities.

Discovery #4: Christopher Lloyd the actor has a nephew called Sam Lloyd, who a lot of people might recognize as Ted Buckland from Scrubs!

“I can’t believe I’m Uncle Fester’s nephew!”

Discovery #5: Paul Dini is awesome!

…and one sexy bat-mofo!

Let’s return to “Fired Up”” and of Jonathan Banks, if you want to see him dancing a bit skip ahead to 2:18 and watch ‘Mike Ehrmantraut’ cut the rug with some super smooth moves. Ooohhh yeaaah!