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10 Indie Comics for the Big Screen


posted by Slam Adams You may have seen an awesome animated short making its rounds around the internet based on the Dark Horse comic, The Goon, and featuring the voices of Clancy Brown… Continue reading

The Pull List: Must Read Comics for 12/5/2012


Hellboy in Hell #1 By: Mike Mignola Publisher: Dark Horse Price: $2.99 The Lowdown: After Hellboy sacrifices himself to save the world in The Storm and The Fury, Hellboy finds himself stuck in Hell. This is… Continue reading

4 Thinly Veiled Insults Delivered via Movies


Movies are, at heart, a form of mass communication. And just like everyday working folk film makers can be petty and use their power to publicly insult people with whom they have an… Continue reading

Ladykiller – A Tribute to the Women That James Bond Inadvertedly Got Killed


Working as a spy is going to result in plenty of blood on your hands, but there’s a difference between the blood of a megalomaniac terrorist and an innocent victim. Throughout his career… Continue reading

Rating David Lynch: Best to…Least Best


It’s an extremely hard choice, but I think David Lynch is my favourite director, even over guys like Kubrick. In some ways, the two directors are opposites; Kubrick being the consummate technical wizard, always analysing… Continue reading