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Exclusive Interview: Hannah Raven of ‘A Midnight Visit’


A few weeks back we got out of our comfort zone and reviewed a theatre piece. If you’ve been in my general vicinity since then you’ll have tolerated me telling you to get… Continue reading

Theatre Review: ‘A Midnight Visit’


February in Perth, Western Australia, means one thing: The Fringe Festival. For locals this is a time when our isolated metropolis gets delightfully weird. It’s a month of art shows, burlesque, stand-up comedies,… Continue reading

Theater Review: ‘Cuddles’


Vampires, much like zombies, are a group of monsters that have suffered from overexposure. This was a monster which was once feared that audiences have become much too familiar with meaning that creative… Continue reading

Book (Script?) Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’


There’s something entertaining about all the online meltdowns following the release of ‘The Cursed Child’. People flipped out when they got home, opened their newly purchased hardcovers and discovered it wasn’t a new… Continue reading