Theater Review: ‘Cuddles’

Vampires, much like zombies, are a group of monsters that have suffered from overexposure. This was a monster which was once feared that audiences have become much too familiar with meaning that creative people have to come up with new ways to tell vampire tales. Enter the acclaimed stage play which is popping up in playhouses across the country Cuddles. From playwright Joseph Wilde, this is a two woman play about a pair of sisters. The cutthroat professional Tabby and the young and carefree Eve who justplay1 happens to be a member of the blood drinking undead. Everyday Tabby ventures out to climb the professional ladder and squash those in her way while Eve anxiously counts the heartbeats until her sister comes home, waiting alone locked away in the attic where she relishes in fantasy tales.

Being performed in smaller theaters, truly gives the audience a sense of closeness with these two women as we watch the characters come to life before us. It is not always comfortable, especially as Tabby lays down her harsh brand of discipline on her vampiric little sister, but that gives the play it’s power. I recently had the joy of seeing the New Moon Theatre team perform this play in Memphis, Tennessee and was blown away. The story gives audiences a vampire in a way we have never seen before and a killer plot twist that will leave you cold. If Cuddles is playing in your area drop what you are doing and go see this amazing play and you will not be disappointed.