Cinema’s Coolest Vampires

If there is one monster that has stood the test of time on film it is, the vampire. Much like they are presented in fiction, they have proven time and time to be incredibly difficult to kill. Despite the great number of bloodsuckers on celluloid, a few have risen to the top to become the coolest vampires in film.

Dracula: Bram Stoker’s creation is the most popular vampire of all time hands down. Dracula set the standard for how vamps were supposed to; eat, sleep, and act. Perhaps the secret to Dracula’s popularity is the fact that there is a version of Dracula for whatever people want from there vampires; Bela Lugosi was dark and mysterious with a gothic flair. Christopher Lee played the count as a being of pure evil. For those who want a romantic and tragic creature of the night, there is Gary Oldman’s take on the classic character.

Count Orlock: In 1925 the unauthorized film adaptation of Dracula dubbed, Nosferatu presented a vampire far removed from the classy gentleman in evening-wear. Count Orlock was truly a monster who was devoid of the sex appeal often associated with vampires, and he has still left a lasting impact on the undead who would follow.

Blade: Before comic book heroes were being unleashed into cinemas on a regular basis, this Marvel Comics cult hero had to walk the line between monster and human in a trilogy of films.  Seen as a traitor by the vampire community, Blade utilized a wide array of weapons to protect a human population that does not understand him.

Carla Lynde: In this criminally underrated anthology flick, Ingrid Pitt plays one of the most memorable vampires in film history. In the segment The Cloak, famed actor John Pertwee plays an actor who picks up a cursed cloak to use as he plays a vampire, but it is his co-star who gets all the fun as one of the most memorable bloodsuckers in movie history.

David: As times changed so did these immortal monsters in order to keep up with the times. Leading the charge in this evolution was, The Lost Boys, wear vamps traded in capes and coffins for leather coats and hip accessories. The most memorable vampire in this flick is, David played by Kiefer Sutherland. Young, hip, and deadly he was a vampire for a new era.

Lestat: From the pages of Anne Rice’s novel came a vampire who was classy and civilized who played up the sensual side of the creatures of the night. From the swamps of New Orleans, Lestat sought to control the unlives of those he sired. Thought to be have died at the hands of those he made, he returned with an edgier attitude.

Eli: Easily the most recent vampire to earn a spot on this list; from the critically acclaimed, Let the Right One In; Eli is a centuries old woman trapped in the body of a child which is both her gift and her curse. Young actress, Lina Leandersson played this complex part to perfection and is a huge reason why this character will go down in horror history.

Selene: Injecting a healthy dose of Matrix-like sleekness and style into the age old vampire mythos, the Underworld film series gave us the deadly, Selene. Over the course of the franchise we see her evolve from an emotionless killer into a passionate warrior.

Radu Vladislas: In the same vein as Count Orlock, Vladislas from the cult classic Subspecies, lacks the dashing good looks of his undead brother. But what he lacks in handsomeness he more than makes up for it malice and ambition.

Jerry Dandridge: A perfect blend of the classy Lugosi type vampire with the hip Lost Boy style of bloodsucker with a raging monster beneath it all. Seemingly the perfect neighbor, Dandridge had no qualms about leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.

Blacula: Seen by many as a joke, Blacula was definitely ahead of his time; played with a great deal of charisma by William Marshall, the character put a fresh spin on the classic tale of the bloodsucker going to a new country for fresh prey.