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Spotlight On: Tod Browning


Throughout the history of film there have been no shortage of colorful and fascinating characters behind the camera sitting in the director’s chair. But few have been as colorful or fascinating as Tod… Continue reading

10 Short Vampire Tales You Can Read Online


There are some wonderful classic vampire stories out there, led by the amazing Dracula and followed up by modern favorites such as Interview with a Vampire. I enjoy reading about vampires (at least… Continue reading

‘The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampire’ Retro Review


In the early 1970’s the Gods of Cult Films smiled upon moviegoers the world over when; Hammer Studios, the dominant studio behind the great gothic horror films of the era, collaborated with the… Continue reading

Dracula: The Actors Behind the Cape


Few characters in the history of pop culture have grown past their literary origins to become embedded in the minds of people across the world. One of the most prominent figures to do… Continue reading

The History of Dracula on Film (Part 4)


This is the continuation of the history of Dracula as one of the most iconic figures in film history, the previous installments can be found;here, here, and here. The Cold War was beginning… Continue reading