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Top 5 Cult Directors


There are filmmakers out there who achieve a certain level of success in Hollywood that they gain a certain level fame among the public as a whole. Directors like; Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan,… Continue reading

Legendary Directors Who Never Won an Oscar


The Academy Awards seem to work mostly in hindsight. They wait until a director has proven themselves over time before slinging them a Best Director statue rather than giving one to rich new… Continue reading

The Perfect Director for a ‘Justice League’ Movie


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Justice League. They are DC Comics answer to ‘The Avengers’. Sure, the Justice League may have been formed three years before the Avengers, and a stronger publication history… Continue reading

10 MORE Directors of the NOW


When gfunk started his 10 most interesting directors or directors of the now or whatever you call it, I immediately thought “I hope he uses this guy and I hope he talks about… Continue reading

The Best Movies by the Top 10 Directors of the Now


Over the course of the past two and a half months I have been writing a weekly feature examining the ten most interesting directors currently working. There were many potential candidates cut from… Continue reading

The 5 Directors Who Used to be Interesting


Some petty bitchiness from G-FUNK Over the past two and half months I’ve been running a series about the Top 10 Most Interesting Directors of the Now – the directors who are defining… Continue reading

Top Ten Director’s of the Now – Christopher Nolan


The concluding chapter to the series by G-FUNK As it was stated at this beginning of this epic Top 10 list, the intention was never to rank the directors. The ten entries on… Continue reading

Top Ten Directors of the Now – Darren Aronofsky


Part of a series by G-FUNK And so we reach the ninth member of our Ten Most Interesting Directors of the Now – Darren Aronofsky. Another directors whose work is defining this generation… Continue reading

Top Ten Most Interesting Directors of the Now: Quentin Tarantino


A series by G-FUNK Tarantino is one of the longest working directors featured in this series with his first major release appearing in cinemas in 1992. Although his style has changed little over… Continue reading

The Ten Most Interesting Directors of the Now – Shane Black


Let’s have a look at the sixth entry in our series of the Ten Most Interesting Directors of the Now: Shane Black Shane Black has been involved in the film industry on a… Continue reading

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