The Best Movies by the Top 10 Directors of the Now

Over the course of the past two and a half months I have been writing a weekly feature examining the ten most interesting directors currently working. There were many potential candidates cut from the list, hours of viewing and research and a massive amount of writing. Now the task is done, it’s time to revisit those ten remarkably talented individuals by listing the best movies each of them have made. Click on the directors name to read the full article.

Edgar Wright

This was a tough call. Shaun of the Dead is one awesome slice of fried gold, thrusting many new talents onto the scene, proving instantly quotable the becoming the cult film of the decade. On the other hand Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a frantically kinetic, pitch perfect adaptation of a popular comic series. With high expectations from fans, it’s no doubt that Wright nailed it.

As one of those fans, I had to pick…

Nicolas Winding Refn

Yes, Drive is awesome, but this is the A Clockwork Orange for the new generation.

Matthew Vaughn

Making a marketable movie out of Kick-Ass? Challenging. Picking up the pieces of Ratner’s decimation of a great franchise and making it glorious again? Miracle worker.

Duncan Jones

It’s not often you can point at a debut film and say “this is the man to watch”. That claim can be made just from this trailer.

Peter Jackson

I briefly considered skipping over the Holy Trilogy and planting the very under-seen Heavenly Creatures on this list. Briefly.

Shane Black

Not really a tough choice…although the editors of this trailer must’ve had one hell of a time cutting out all the swearing.

JJ Abrams

At 1:42 witness the most out-of-place ass shot in the history of movie trailers.

Quentin Tarantino

Another entry that saw a lot of hot contenders, including Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds. End of the day, this is undeniable.

Darren Aronofsky

Bring a director who improves with every film, this was an obvious choice.

Christopher Nolan


Stay tuned for SLAM ADAMS provided his Top 10 Most Interesting Directors of the now!