The Ten Most Interesting Directors of the Now: Duncan Jones

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Let’s continue our examination of the directors who make our lives great!

A quick look at the career of Duncan Jones (obligatory reference to his parentage) is enough to say that he’s a man born with talent. He’s a fresh, talented remarkable director who seems to be brilliant on a genetic level.

During his early years Jones lived and attended schools in different European cities including Berlin and London. This frequent movement seems to spurned the young man onto greater things as he completed a degree in philosophy and had begun work on a PhD before making the switch to the London Film School. By the year 2000 Jones was operating cameras at David Bowie’s 50th Birthday celebration and doing both scripting and camera work on the video game Republic: The Revolution.

After directing his first film – a short entitled ‘Whistle’ in 2002, he created the 2006 ‘Fashion vs Style’ campaign for FCUK, which reportedly resulted in multiple complaints.

...for some reason.

2009 saw the release of his first full-length feature: Moon. Visually arresting and mind-bendingly brilliant, it garnered positive reviews and was touted as a return to ‘pure’ science fiction. Using low-fi effects and camera tricks, the film is almost a one-man show for actor Sam Rockwell (his lack of a nomination at the Oscars was a massive oversight) and is driven by both philosophical issues and basic human emotion. This stunning, almost perfect piece of film-making is one of the best debut features of the past decade and heralded a great new talent.

Moon was followed up with Source Code, a far more ambitious project in terms of scope. A larger cast, a more complex setting and thematically more complex. Whilst it divided critics more than Moon it continues to show the brilliant talent of Jones. Regardless of personal opinion on the movie, everyone wants to see what he can concoct next – this is science fictions answer to Charlie Kaufman.

The studios have taken plenty of notice. He’s been looked at for an adaptation of Escape the Deep, Wolverine 2, Dredd and Man of Steel. He’s also spoken about another intriguing sci-fi premise called Mute, a Blade Runner-inspired film set in a futuristic Berlin, following a mute bartender looking for his missing partner. Most intriguing is that it was set along the same timeline as Moon and would feature Sam Rockwell reprising the role of Sam Bell in a cameo.

Jones has confirmed that he is currently scripting his third film and working on a graphic novel – two things that can’t happen soon enough.

Why? Because he's awesome.

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