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Is Harley Quinn a Sympathetic Character?


The fact that Harleen Quinzel aka ‘Harley Quinn’ is still a canon character is an unexpected turn. Most new villains and supporting characters get a dramatic introduction in the comics with an initial… Continue reading

The Best of 2012, Sports Awards Style


With the NFL and college football winding down I’ve seen a lot of talk about Most Valuable Players, Comeback Players of the year and so on as I wondered to myself “What if… Continue reading

The John Munch Television Connection


Cinematic and TV Universes are always fun to imagine, they can be as simple as a crossover episode, like C.S.I. and Without A Trace did once, something more subtle like the Vega brothers… Continue reading

10 Things to Look For When Watching ‘Lord of the Rings’


The Hobbit has been welcomed into cinemas almost a full decade after the original trilogy was brought to life, and in that time we’ve re-watched it many, many times and know practically every… Continue reading