Disney Dinner and a Movie: Brave

For my second installment of Disney Dinner and a Movie I have decided to go with one of my other favorites: Brave (2012). I first saw Brave in theaters (you can click here for that review) and I have to say; the blu-ray was incredible. Brave has some of the most beautiful and enchanting scenery of any Disney film and the blu-ray only made it more obvious. Little details like Merida’s hair and the movement of the water in the stream seem so realistic and vibrant than you wonder how technology could get any better. Watching Brave on blu-ray made me want to get on the next plane to Scotland.


Being a Pixar film Brave often gets called “good but not as good as other Pixar films” which is something I find silly. Every Pixar movie is unique in its own way and deciding which is better than the other is mostly a subjective thought process. To me, Brave offers a compelling story of a young girl and her relationship with her mother; one that is magical yet relatable. It teaches us that being brave doesn’t always have to be going on dangerous adventures but that being brave means listening to others, having compassion, and not being afraid to grow as a person and to compromise. I could go on praising this film all day but instead I’ll get to the food part of the blog.


I don’t know much about Scottish culture or food so I turned to the film itself and the internet for ideas for my Brave themed meal. For our main dish it would seem obvious to go with haggis (an encased savory meat pudding) but since I myself don’t eat meat, I decided to do something else. After researching typical Scottish food I came upon this recipe for Potato Leek Soup that immediately caught my eye. It was pretty easy to make and so delicious that we all had seconds. The soup was a savory and hearty course that I can imagine keeping Merida and her family warm in their drafty castle. As for drinks we decided to substitute ginger soda for ginger beer or wine. Needless to say the soda had a very strong taste of ginger. It was definitely something different but I’m glad I tried it.


My favorite part of the meal, and the most appropriate concerning our theme, was the empire cookies I made for dessert using this recipe I found online. These empire cookies provide us with some of the most humorous moments of the film revolving around the Merida’s mischievous little brothers. They may look fancy but they’re easy to make; essentially two shortbread cookie with preserves in the center and icing with a cherry on top. These cookies were rich and delicious and held up well the next day in an air-tight container. They also made a pretty centerpiece on the dinner table.


Creating a Brave themed meal was fun and delicious and I enjoyed every bite while feasting my eyes on a beautiful and delightful film. This second installment in my column was a success!


Coming Soon: Beauty and the Beast