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Retro Review: ‘His Kind of Woman’


By 1951, film noir was set in stone as a solid genre of filmdom and famed eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes wanted in on the act. As the owner of RKO, he turned to… Continue reading

The Edgar Allen Poe Films of Vincent Price & Roger Corman


Three of the biggest icons in the history of terror are author/poet Edgar Allan Poe, cult favorite filmmaker Roger Corman, and the Merchant of Menace himself Vincent Price.  This is why horror fans… Continue reading

Retro Review – ‘Theatre of Blood’


Throughout his decades long career, Vincent Price cemented his status has arguably the biggest icon in the history of horror films. With his thin mustache, dark charisma, and trademark voice, he terrified audiences… Continue reading

Frighteningly Overlooked Horror Films Part 2


A wise man (ie the guy who owns the video store I go to) once said of the horror genre that, you need a lot of space to collect it because it is… Continue reading