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Greatest Women of Horror


We are in February which is known to many movie fans as Women in Horror Month. This is the month we pay tribute to the women who have have terrified us and given… Continue reading

5 Shows to Watch for Their Female Casts


Do you need some female-majority shows to hold you over until Orange is the New Black returns? Here’s a bunch of shows that feature a plethora of three-dimensional female characters. They’re all binge-worthy,… Continue reading

Horror: A Woman’s Game


With the new millennium women in horror movies continued their upward trend following the 90s reinvention and became bigger and better characters. Taking notes from Misery the rise of women as villains become… Continue reading

Horror: A Woman’s Game (Part 1)


This is something that I’ve been rolling around in my mind for a while now, and I’ve held off on it until Halloween to tie into the spirit of the season. Now I’m… Continue reading

Scream Queens Who Totally Ruled the 90’s!


Horror didn’t end in the 80’s, like many people thought it did.  By the time the 90’s came around, horror was going out of style.  There were a few horror films here and… Continue reading

5 Suggestions for Marvel’s Valkyries


In case you missed it, Marvel has been making a push in the female character department. Not only is there an all female X-Men book, but there is also an all-female book called, Fearless… Continue reading