5 Shows to Watch for Their Female Casts

Do you need some female-majority shows to hold you over until Orange is the New Black returns? Here’s a bunch of shows that feature a plethora of three-dimensional female characters. They’re all binge-worthy, many of them are on Netflix, and they definitely all pass the Bechdel Test.

Orphan Black (2013-)
Okay this is an obvious one but if you watched it yet you really show. Tatiana Maslany proves over and over again that she’s the best actress on television as she tackles the roles of a bunch of women who find out they’re clones. The supporting cast is also incredibly strong, including the underrated Maria Doyle Kennedy. Try not to fall in love with Cosima, I dare you.
Bomb Girls (2012-2014)
Mike SweeneyMike Sweeney
This amazing show about women working in a bomb factory in Canada during WWII was lucky enough to get a film to wrap-up storylines after they cancelled it. All episodes and the film are available on Netflix Instant. The entire cast is spectacular and the show also features some amazing queer ladies.
PanAm (2011-2012)
Pan Am
I was genuinely sad when they axed this show about stewardesses of the famous PanAm airline in the 1960’s. Co-starring Christina Ricci and pre-fame Margot Robbie, this show gives you everything from romance to spy adventure, to solemn political situations that make you think.
Lip Service (2010-2012)


This show is basically the UK’s version of The L Word. If you take away a bunch of seasons and the ridiculous Hollywood drama you have Lip Service, a show about lesbians and queer women living in Glasgow.
Call the Midwife (2012-)
This historical drama features a young women working as a nurse in the 1950’s in London. Its a PBS production so you know it’s going to be good.
What other shows should be on this list?