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Outstandingly Visually Unique Movies Part II – The Top 6


A lot of people seemed to like my first post of visually cool movies, so I thought I’d showcase another lot of movies with stunning imagery. House House is a strange late 70s haunted… Continue reading

Outstandingly Visually Unique Movies – The Top 6


I’ve seen a fair few movies in my time (over 500 or so at last count), and not much excites me as a movie buff more than when a director decides to create… Continue reading

The Early Days of J-Horror – Ring Kanzenban and Ju-On: The Curse


Everyone has seen Ring and The Grudge, or at least the English remakes of them. Both are classics of what has been called the “J-Horror” movement, and both helped popularise Japanese horror movies… Continue reading

Musical Purchases of 2012 – The Top 7


I know, I know, I haven’t put much up on House of Geekery as of late, but blame that on a few personal issues and a new job. So, I thought I’d roll… Continue reading

Rating David Lynch: Best to…Least Best


It’s an extremely hard choice, but I think David Lynch is my favourite director, even over guys like Kubrick. In some ways, the two directors are opposites; Kubrick being the consummate technical wizard, always analysing… Continue reading

Coolest Covers from my Vinyl Collection


Easily the best thing about collecting vinyl records is the cool packaging you get with it. I like CDs for their small storing size and occasional sweet extensive liner notes, but they pale next to… Continue reading

20 Dumbest Names of Music Genres


There are an alarming amount of just plain bullshit names for musical genres. Some have even wormed their way into the societal vernacular, and we forget just how bad and generally nonsensical they… Continue reading

The Sick, the Strange and the Awful – Paint Your Wagon


It took me a long time to work up the courage to watch this. I mean, on paper, it sounds cool. Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, two of the best Western actors, together… Continue reading

The Top Ten Movies That Disturbed Me The Most


Ah, to be young, a horror movie fan, and to finally, after three years of reading about all of these tantalisingly foul movies, be able to garner access to such movies online that were whispered… Continue reading

Davindragul’s Semi-Regular Media Log 9000


I’ll run you through the title first, as I can see how it could be confusing. The start is easy enough to understand, as it signifies who is writing this, so you don’t… Continue reading

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